Memorial Candle - Solar Yahrzeit

Memorial Candle - Solar Yahrzeit
Product Title: Memorial Candle - Solar Yahrzeit
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Product Description

Honor your cherished beloved one with a Memorial Candle that glows eternally and let their spirits know they are not forgotten with a Solar Memorial Candle. The Jewish Solar Memorial Candle powers from sunlight and glows 24 hours a day without ever extinguishing and in any weather!! The Memorial Candle gives the impression of a wax Candle and its Flame is actually brighter, but unlike the wax Candle, it leaves no dirty wax spots and doesnt blacken the Candle Holder. The Solar Memorial Candle comes with a one year warranty and very is easy to operate. It comes with especially strong glue you to attach the Candle to the Grave, although you can also use screws to physically attach it if you wish. The strength of the Candle attachment to the Grave prevents easy theft and lifting. Additionally, the Memorial Candle comes with a special metal plate you can attach to the candle holder onto which you can write the Deceaseds name and other words like R.I.P (like Mr. Jones R.I.P). The Solar Memorial Candle weighs 2.2 lbs (1 KG) and its measurements are 2.5-2.5-2.5 (6.3cm-6.3cm-6.3cm). With Solar Memorial Candle we will also send you authentic Israeli Wild Flower Seeds to decorate and enhance the beauty of our loved ones eternal resting place. The types of seeds in the gift are Larkspur, Linum, Hollyhock Single Mix, Ibris, Galberta Lasthenia Salvia & Hominium.

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