Jerusalem Temple Bible Poster

Jerusalem Temple Bible Poster
Product Title: Jerusalem Temple Bible Poster
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A Poster of Pilgrims standing on Mt. Olives, over looking Jerusalem and the Temple. The pilgrimages to Jerusalem began when Solomon built the First Holy Temple. Jews from all over the land would travel to Jerusalem to bring sacrifices to the Temple, study Torah, pray and celebrate. Once the Romans legions conquered the Jewish city Lydda, they found the city empty because all the Jews had gone to Jerusalem for the Feast of Tabernacles. During the Second Temple period, Jewish pilgrims would travel to Jerusalem from Alexandria, Antioch, Babylon, and even from distant parts of the Roman Empire. Mt. Olives borders the old city of Jerusalem to the east and ever since the First Temple Period Jews have yearned to be buried on its slopes. Many believe that when the Messiah comes he will descend the Mount of Olives and enter Jerusalem through the Gates of Mercy and that, resurrected, they too will enter the Holy City. Early tombs include three monumental burial sites in the Kidron (Jehoshaphat) Valley.

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