Israel Police T-Shirt

Israel Police T-Shirt
Product Title: Israel Police T-Shirt
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Product Description

Israel Police T-Shirt. The Israel Police strives to enforce the law in the spirit of the basic values set forth in the Proclamation of Independence, with the aim of ensuring the security of both individuals and society as a whole and enhancing quality of life in the State of Israel. The Israel Police is a civilian force and as with most other police forces in the world, its duties include crime fighting, traffic control and maintaining public safety. Israeli police has 30,000 officers in its ranks and some 70,000 volunteers. The police are under the Internal security department and it has 6 different regional commands Central, southern, northern, Judea & Sumaria, Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem. The current police commissioner is Rav-Nitzav Dudi Cohen, who succeeded Rav-Nitzav Moshe Karadi. In case of emergency, a civilian in Israel can reach the police by dialing 100 from any telephone.

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