Star of David Chai Necklace

Star of David Chai Necklace
Product Title: Star of David Chai Necklace
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Product Description

Necklace shaped Jewish Star of David & sun and in the center written in Hebrew "Chai". The Chai symbol is often worn by Jews as a medallion around the neck and is a symbol and word which prevails throughout Jewish culture and consists of the letters Het and Yod of the Hebrew alphabet. In the Hebrew language, the word Chai spelled by these two letters means "living," is related to the term for "life," chaim, and also appears in the slogan "`am yisrael chai!" ("The nation of Israel lives!", referring to all Jews). In Hebrew, the related word chaya means living thing or animal, derived from the Hebrew word chai, meaning "life". Although rare, Chai can also be used as a boy's name. Chaya, derived from chai was a popular female name in Hebrew. The name "Chaim" is quite a common boy's name, particularly among Orthodox Jews and in Israel. Among all Jews, both religious and secular, the toast "l?chaim", which means "to life", is frequently used when celebrating something, such as one of the high holidays, birthdays, weddings etc. See also the article about "Etz Chaim", meaning "tree of life" for more related information. Many non-Jews have also adopted the sign such as, most famously, Elvis Presley and Former Baseball star Wade Boggs.

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