Ephod Kohen with the 12 Tribes Stones Pendant with Necklace

Ephod Kohen with the 12 Tribes Stones Pendant with Necklace
Product Title: Ephod Kohen with the 12 Tribes Stones Pendant with Necklace
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Kabbalah Jewelry - Ephod Kohen Necklace with the 12 Tribes Stones on a delicate silver covered necklace. An ephod was a type of object in ancient Israelite culture, and was closely connected with oracular practices. In the Books of Samuel, David is described as wearing one when dancing in the presence of the Ark of the Covenant, and one is described as standing in the sanctuary at Nob, with a sword behind it; in the book of Exodus and in Leviticus one is described as being created for the Kohen Gadol (Jewish High Priest) to wear as part of his official vestments; in the Book of Judges, Gideon and Micah each made one from molten gold, and Gideon's was worshipped. Within the Bible, in the contexts where it is worn, the Ephod is usually described as being linen, but did not constitute complete clothing of any kind, as the Books of Samuel describe Michal as taunting David for indecently exposing himself by wearing one. Specifically, David is described as girding himself with an Ephod, but since girding is a term used in Biblical Hebrew only to describe binding something around the loins, and since when Samuel is described as girding himself with an ephod, his tunic is mentioned separately, it would appear to have been something like a loincloth, girdle, or swordbelt. There appears to have been a strong religious and ceremonial implication to wearing an Ephod, since the eighty five priests at Nob are specifically identified as being the type of people who wore an Ephod; though the masoretic text here describes them as being linen ephods, the word linen is not present in the Septuagint version of the passage, nor is it present when the Septuagint describes David and Samuel as girding themselves with an Ephod, and textual scholars regard its presence in the masoretic text as a later editorial gloss. We are proud to have such a meaningful gift in stock.

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