Ben Porat Yosef Kabbalah Ring

Ben Porat Yosef Kabbalah Ring
Product Title: Ben Porat Yosef Kabbalah Ring
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Ben Porat Yosef Kabbalah Ring. Biblical Joseph's Cabalistic protection Jewish Ring. A turn around Kabalic protection ring 'Joseph is a fruitful tree by a spring, whose branches climb over the wall. The archers savagely attacked him, shooting and assailing him fiercely, but Joseph's bow remained unfailing and his arms were tireless by the power of the Strong One of Jacob, by the name of the Shepherd of Israel, by the God of your father--so may he help you! By God Almighty--so may he bless you with the blessings of heaven above, and the blessings of the deep that lies below! The blessings of breast and womb and the blessings of your father are stronger than the blessings of the eternal mountains and the bounty of the everlasting hills. May they rest on the head of Joseph, on the brow of him who was prince among his brother.' (Genesis 49:22-26) We are proud in spreading the Kabbalah wisdom worldwide.

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