Ben Porat Yoseph Cabala Necklace

Ben Porat Yoseph Cabala Necklace
Product Title: Ben Porat Yoseph Cabala Necklace
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Ben Porat Yosef alei-ayin, which is a portion of Bereishit 49:22, Yaakov's Blessings: "Ben porat Yosef ben porat alei-ayin banot tza'adah alei-shur"; which means "A charming son is Yosef, a charming son to the eye; each of the girls climbed heights to gaze." It is also a tradition that medieval Kabbalists derived this from the abbreviation of the "Prayer of R. Nehunya b. ha-Qanah". Made in Israel. Shipped from Israel. Kabbalah Charm for prosperity and against an Evil Eye - A.L.D. Beautifuly packaged. An Amazing gift wrap is an option. Measurements: 2.5 X 2.5 cm Material: Silver Plated Stainless Steel. Diamond-like stone. Comes with 44cm silver plater chain. Kabbalah Charm. Kabbalah Amulet. Cabala Necklace.

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