Wissotzky Classic - 1.5 gr. - 25 bags

Wissotzky Classic - 1.5 gr. - 25 bags
Product Title: Wissotzky Classic - 1.5 gr. - 25 bags
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Product Description

Wissotzky Classic - 1.5 gr. - 25 bags. The Classic tea blend is unique to Wissotzky. The blend contains choice tea varieties from the quality tea growing areas of the world.

There are three types of classic tea that differ from each other in the strength of the tea.

tea bags containing 1 gram of tea – delicate tea tea bags containing 1.5 grams of tea – classic tea (available for export) tea bags containing 2 grams of tea – strong tea.

The tea is packed in tea bags with advanced technology and without coming into contact with human hands.(the exception is the 1 gram tea that does not have an envelope) Every tea bag is doubled as this give maximum infusion. Every tea bag is packed in an individual envelope which preserves the tea’s freshness, aroma and the wholeness of the product.

The tea products are produced from natural ingredients only and contain 0 calories.

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