Wild berry delicacy 100% fruit

Wild berry delicacy 100% fruit
Product Title: Wild berry delicacy 100% fruit
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Product Description

Wild berry delicacy 100% fruit. The Yad Mordechai fruit jams contain 100% natural fruit or chopped fruit lightly cooked into a rich jam that maintains the quality of the original fruit, without any artificial additives. The range of Yad Mordechai fruit jam flavors includes strawberry, strawberry-pomegranate, peach, plum, forest fruit and various other flavors.

The Yad Mordechai 100% fruit jams allow enjoying a scrumptious spoon of jam, as an addition to yogurt, fruit salad or ice cream, as well as cooked or baked goods.

* Orders are carefully picked & packed. Check our great gift wrap option. * Please allow up to 21 days for Item arrival usually it takes less than 14 days. * Kosher Israeli Food * Made and shipped from Israel * High Quality

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