Multifloral Honey - 350g

Multifloral Honey - 350g
Product Title: Multifloral Honey - 350g
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Multifloral Honey - 350g. The tradition of honey in Kibbutz Yad Mordechai began in 1936, with the establishment of the Kibbutz. The founders learned how to make honey from Australian soldiers that were stationed in Israel. The apiary has been developing ever since and is today the leading and largest in Israel with over 4000 hives scattered throughout the country and operated using the most advanced methods in the world.

Yad Mordechai offers its consumers pure honey products from a variety of nectar sources, special beehive products and honeys in various flavors. * Orders are carefully picked & packed. Check our great gift wrap option. * Please allow up to 21 days for Item arrival usually it takes less than 14 days. * Kosher Israeli Food * Made and shipped from Israel * High Quality

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