The Ark of Covenant Model

The Ark of Covenant Model
Product Title: The Ark of Covenant Model
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The Ark of the Covenant the Ark of the Testimony, as described in the book of Exodus containing the the
written on Tablets of Stone. the Ark also contained a jar of manna. The Ark gold-plated acacia chest was carried by the Levites from Mount Sinai.
The Ark of Covenant Assembling Model 0044L. Measurements 5.9 X 2.75 X 6.3 Inch. An all family activity. Do it yourself. A great Model for Synagogue and Church Activities. Made in Israel. Shipped from Israel. We will ship it with love.
The Ark of the Covenant, Aron Habrit is described in the Bible as a sacred container, wherein rested the Tablets of stone containing the Ten Commandments. The Ark and its sanctuary were "the beauty of Israel", according to Lamentations 2, 1.

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