Seven Special Weeks Book

Seven Special Weeks Book
Product Title: Seven Special Weeks Book
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Seven Special Weeks book. This is the second of the "Naftali in the Bais HaMikdash" series. Naftali experiences the weeks between Passover (Pesach) and Shavuot in Jerusalem during the time of the Second Holy Temple. He joins a special learning group for boys from all over the Jewish world to study the laws relating to the Holy Temple in Jerusalem (Bais HaMikdash) and its sacrifices. These boys explore the ins and outs of the Temple, observe the sacrifices from up close, and learn how the offering of korbanot (sacrifices) transforms those who bring them. Extensively annotated and enhanced with maps of each structure in the Bais HaMikdash, and complemented by Tova Katz's charming illustrations, Seven Special Weeks brings the days of the Second Temple vividly to life.(334 Pages). Best for Ages 8-11.

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