Aromatic Body Peeling

Aromatic Body Peeling
Product Title: Aromatic Body Peeling
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Product Description

Size - ml/oz: 350 . Aromatic Body Peeling . A mixture of richly aromatic oils combined with microscopic salt granules from the Dead Sea. A natural, pampering product, it has 3 actions: removal of dead cells, nourishing the skin and slowing skin aging. It leaves an aromatic moisture layer on the skin and has an intoxicating scent. The peeling causes increased blood circulation. It is the perfect treatment for intensive revitalization of the skin, for renewal and for a smooth, baby-like touch. It is especially suitable as a treatment for cellulite, before tanning and for use in saunas. The peeling is enriched with coconut oil, sesame oil, avocado oil, sweet almond oil, grape seeds, and olive oil, jojoba, vitamin E and Dead Sea minerals.Directions for use: wet skin with hot water, lather and rinse. Take a handful of peeling soap with oil and massage into the body in circular motions, especially in dry areas such as: elbows, knees, heels and areas with a tendency for cellulite, thighs, the stomach and the buttocks. Rinse thoroughly with warm water, use once or twice a week.

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