Mineral Treatmemt hair Conditioner

Mineral Treatmemt hair Conditioner
Product Title: Mineral Treatmemt hair Conditioner
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Product Description

Size - ml/oz: 750 . Mineral Treatmemt hair Conditioner. The hair is one of the most conspicuous aspects of our appearance and requires constant care. Sun, wind, dryness, excessive use of hair dryer, chemicals used in hair dying, exposure to sea water, stress and unbalanced lifestyle, all damage hair quality and appearance. The hair becomes thinner, dry, fragile and splitting. For these hair problems a high quality softener was created, which is one of the best of its kind. The softener reduces static electricity, helps in combing and disentanglement, and with constant use, provides the hair with an external protective layer against various damages, and encourages the growth of healthier hair at a faster pace. The softener constitutes a necessary complementary treatment with shampoo, suitable for all types of hair, especially for hair with dandruffs, hair loss and dyed hair. It is excellent for children for head hygiene and disentanglement. The softener is enriched with grape seed oil, nettle and rosemary extract, Sea Buckthorn extract, jojoba oil, Aloe Vera for scalp soothing, pro-vitamin B5, vitamin E and Dead Sea minerals for healthy, soft and glowing hair with a wonderful fragrance. Use: After washing with shampoo, squeeze hair to remove excess water, generously massage the softener into the hair without touching the scalp. Wait for a minute and rinse well with water.

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