Lightening Facial Soap

Lightening Facial Soap
Product Title: Lightening Facial Soap
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Product Description

Weight: 250 (gr) . Lightening Facial Soap. Climatic effects, stress and hormonal changes result in the skin losing its natural shine, a slow down in the renewal of skin cells and as a consequence brown blemishes begin to appear. This unique hydroxic lightening soap is based upon a complex of active ingredients which delays the effects of the enzymes which create blemishes. It includes Vitamin C which has been proven to be an important anti-oxidant component in the anti-aging process. The combination of the ingredients when applied externally results in the overall lightening of all types of skin pigmentations which are caused by a surplus of melanin, sun blemishes, pregnancy, childbirth, freckles and medication. The soap gently peels the skin and cleanses it with the assistance of fruit essences which balance the skin, support the penetration of the lightening cream and give the skin an even light shade of color and a sense of rejuvenation. Instructions for use: Use a very small amount of the soap, massage the face as with normal soap, wait a few minutes and then rinse the skin well. Take care to avoid contact with the eyes. Use morning and evening. Afterwards, apply an H&B skin lightening cream. When exposed to the sun it is essential to apply sun tan lotion with a protection factor.

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