Golani Dog Tag Cover - Hand made

Golani Dog Tag Cover - Hand made
Product Title: Golani Dog Tag Cover - Hand made
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Product Description

Golani Dog Tag Cover - Hand made. The hand made Dog-Tag covers are unique in our shop. Each cover is carefully hand made by one of our staff, and provides the maximum convenience. The covers are widely spread among the various units, and a great number of IDF soldiers ware it on them. The inside is made of plastic, covered by Cordura cloth to prevent sweating, and contains an inner pocket for the dog-tag. All dog tag covers come with ball chain, covered by a string to prevent skin rush for allergic people. Each Dog-Tag Cover has embroidering of a different unit logo pattern. Available in different colors of DT cover and cover string for the BC. It's a great hit among the IDF soldiers, and tourists as well. * Orders are carefully picked & packed. Check our great gift wrap option. * Please allow up to 21 days for Item arrival, usually it takes less than 14 days. * Best price Product * Made and shipped from Israel * Support Israel Defence Forces

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