Bible Study Tools - 3D pottery puzzles CAESAREA

Bible Study Tools - 3D pottery puzzles CAESAREA
Product Title: Bible Study Tools - 3D pottery puzzles CAESAREA
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CAESAREA. Approx: 12 cm (5"). Beginners (Ages 5-7). Item # 109. A TOY CHICK. 200-500 C.E. Toys have been a common need at all times. Ceramic toys representing domesticated and wild animals were popular during the later Imperial Roman period. Such little pottery figurines were made by artists who decorated them beautifully. The original toy chick comes from the port city of Caesarea Maritima founded by Herod The Great in honor of Caesar Augustus. Caesarea became the center of the Roman Empire in the Land of Israel.
Bible study tools present models of - 3D pottery puzzles Kit - Bible period replicas of Biblical Oil Lams, Jugs , Vessel, Qumran jars, Megiddo bowl, Jordan river jars, Judea vessel, Caesarea pottery vessel , Samaria jars and more, Bible Land Shop models of the Holy Land Bible Time potteries are important aids for Sunday school, Churches, Synagogues and home.
This Archaeology antika tolls guide Christians and Jews of all denominations for better understanding of the scriptures and the Bible message being studied,
. Quantities Discount * Made and Shipped from the Holy Land * Handmade by a Skilled Potter * High Quality * Best Price Product.

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