Bible Study Tools - 3D pottery puzzles: JERICHO

Bible Study Tools - 3D pottery puzzles: JERICHO
Product Title: Bible Study Tools - 3D pottery puzzles: JERICHO
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JERICHO. Approx: 15 cm (6"). Level: (Ages 8 and up). Item # 102. JUG FROM JERICHO. Middle Bronze, 2000-1550 B.C.E. The original vessel found in a tomb in Jericho, demonstrates artistic refinement and technical progress in the use of the potterís wheel, during the age of the Patriarchs. Jericho, an oasis north of the Dead-Sea, fed by a number of sweet water springs, is the oldest known town in the world. Digging in Jericho in the early 50ís, Dr. Kathleen Kenyon discovered life-size human figures modeled in clay made by the inhabitants during a pre-pottery age.
Bible study tools present models of - 3D pottery puzzles Kit - Bible period replicas of Biblical Oil Lams, Jugs , Vessel, Qumran jars, Megiddo bowl, Jordan river jars, Judea vessel, Caesarea pottery vessel , Samaria jars and more, Bible Land Shop models of the Holy Land Bible Time potteries are important aids for Sunday school, Churches, Synagogues and home.
This Archaeology antika tolls guide Christians and Jews of all denominations for better understanding of the scriptures and the Bible message being studied,
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The Bible tells us about the people of Israel, led by Joshua who encircled the walls 7 times, blew Shofars (Ram horns) causing the walls of Jericho to tumble down. * Made and Shipped from the Holy Land * Handmade by a Skilled Potter * High Quality * Best Price Product.

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