Sterling Silver Suka

Product Title: Sterling Silver Suka
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Product Description

Product Description

Highly sought after by collectors this great art piece is of a miniature bower (Sukkah) built according to the Jewish tradition with large leaves (palm leaves) as the roof screening the starlight but not blocking it, sealed walls and decorated interior making this a Kosher Sukkah.In the front of the Sukkah are two opened doors revealing the Sukkoth dinner table and interior decorations inside.On the holiday of Sukkoth the traditional Jewish family gathers and feast under the Sukkah.This item was made in the electroforming method. Height: 1.5in. / 3.81cm.Width: 2.7in. / 6.86cm. Weight : 95gr. / 3.05oz.1 inch = 2.54cm 925 for Sterling Silver and makerīs mark.

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