Sterling Silver Small Noahīs Ark Mezuzah

Product Title: Sterling Silver Small Noahīs Ark Mezuzah
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Product Description

Product Description

Small Noahīs Ark Mezuzah A marvelous highly detailed parcel gilt sterling silver Noahīs Ark mezuzah case. On the top of the mezuzah are 5 identical lines forming a rainbow which in their midst is a beautiful 24K gold plated dove shaped as the Hebrew letter Shin which stands for Shadai (Almighty) and Shomer Daltot Israel (The guardian of the Israeli doors) - one of Godīs names. The dove is a famous symbol of peace in the Jewish tradition. Below the rainbow is an ark with Noahīs animals in it; A giraffe, an elephant and a lion, sailing on the waves of the ocean with fish jumping from the water. This Mezuzah was made in the electroforming method. Measurements: Length: 4.5in. / 11.4cm. Width: 1in. / 2.54cm. Will take parchment up to: 3.8in. / 9.65cm. Weight: 23.3gr. / 0.74oz. Marks: 925 for Sterling Silver and maker

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