Sterling Silver Small Dots Mezuzah

Product Title: Sterling Silver Small Dots Mezuzah
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Product Description

Product Description

Small Dots Mezuzah The case is in a simple rectangular form with grape and vines wrapped around it. Above the silver grape and vines is a 24k gold plated Hebrew letter Shin which stands for Shadai (Almighty) and Shomer Daltot Israel (The guardian of the Israeli doors) - one of Godīs names. The grape and vines is one of the Jewish most famous symbols and grape is one of the seven Species in the Jewish tradition. This mezuzah was made in the electroforming method Measurements: Length: 4in. / 10.16cm. Width: 0.8in. / 2cm. Will take parchment up to: 2.6in. / 6.6cm. Weight: 19.05gr. / 0.61oz. Marks: 925 for Sterling Silver.

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