Sterling Silver Rooster Figurine

Product Title: Sterling Silver Rooster Figurine
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Product Description

Product Description

Sterling Silver Rooster Figurine Highly sought after by collectors this great rooster figurine looks as if it will wake you in the morning with a great and loud Cock-a-doodle-doo. It stands on a base resembling rugged farm fields and it seems as if it is actually grasping the ground with its nails. It has a great, majestic tail and every single feather on it is visible, so it even gives you the illusion of softness to it. This figurine was made in the electroforming Method. Measurements: Height: 3.9in. / 9.9cm. Length: 3.1in. / 7.87cm. Width: 1.2in. / 3cm. Base width: 2in. / 5.08cm. Weight: 78.5gr. / 2.52oz. Marks: 925 for sterling silver

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