Sterling Silver Pilot in airoplan

Product Title: Sterling Silver Pilot in airoplan
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Product Description

Product Description

Sterling Silver Miniature Model of an Israeli Air Force Airplane Marvelous artisan sterling silver IDF air force airplane miniature. This exquisite miniature is beautifully executed as an IDF air force airplane with a Star of David (Magen David) - the Israeli Air Force emblem on both wings and a saluting pilot in the cockpit. This item was made in the electroforming method. Measurements : Marks : Height: 1.6in. / 4.064cm. Length: 2.4in. / 6.096cm. Width: 2.1in. / 5.334cm. 1 inch = 2.54cm 925 for sterling silver. Weight : 22gr. / 0.707oz.

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