Sterling Silver Pesach Plate

Product Title: Sterling Silver Pesach Plate
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Product Description

Product Description

A beautiful artisan Sterling silver Seder plate miniature Highly sought after by collectors, Standing on a single leg, this hexagon shaped miniature has a detailed rim decorated with the scenery of the Holy City - Jerusalem. The inner part of the plate has six submerged circles as placements for the Passover dishes, inscribed on them are the names of the dishes, Maror, Zroah, Haroset, Hazeret, Karpas, and Beitsa. Inscribed within the circle the dishes create is the blessing - May next year we be in Jerusalem. This item was made in the electroforming method. Measurements : Marks : Length: 2.75in. / 6.98cm. Width: 2.5in. / 6.35cm. 1 inch = 2.54cm 925 for Sterling Silver and makerīs mark. Weight : 23.96gr. / 0.77oz.

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