Sterling Silver Parcel Gilt Noah

Product Title: Sterling Silver Parcel Gilt Noah
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Product Description

Product Description

Sterling Silver Parcel Gilt Noah A truly glamorous Judaica artisan sterling silver parcel gilt Hanukkah Lamp (Menorah). This Great Menorah has two different but equally magnificent sides to it. One side is of many many highly detailed animals such as a lion, moose, ostrich, giraffes, rhinos, turtles and many more animals and standing within the crown are two figures of Noah and his wife on the ark, they are all standing on the highly detailed ark and in front of another structure of the ark where a small lizard is crawling on its roof. The other side of the ark looks very much like the first side, with many detailed animals, only different ones, standing on the ark and this time there is a snake crawling behind all of them and a cat on the roof of the structure behind them. Beneath the ark are waves with fish jumping in and out of the water. The nozzles are made of 24k gold plated brass which adds to the overall sparkle. This Hanukkah Lamp was made in the electroforming method. Measurements: Length: 10in. / 25.4cm. Width: 2.7in. / 6.85cm. Weight: 894gr. / 28.74oz. Marks: 925 for Sterling silver.

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