Sterling Silver Middle-sized Hamsah

Product Title: Sterling Silver Middle-sized Hamsah
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Product Description

Product Description

Middle-sized Hamsah A delicate and refined artisan Sterling Silver Hamsa (hand) amulet. In the center of the palm is a large protruding eye which symbols the Eye of God that watches over you. Surrounding the eye are beautiful scrolling decorations. On the top of the Hamsa there is a hook for hanging on the wall. One of the most ancient amulets or symbols of many religions, the Hamsa of Judaic faith or Hand of Fatima from the Islamic belief is one of the original protective signs. In all religions, it is believed that the one who wears it or hangs it in his house, will be protected from the Evil Eye and other negative thoughts. This Item was made in the electroforming method. Measurements: Width: 4.1in. / 10.4cm. Length: 4.9in. / 12.44cm. Weight: 47gr. / 1.5oz. Marks: 925 for Sterling Silver and makerīs mark.

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