Sterling Silver Megilath Ester Grapes

Product Title: Sterling Silver Megilath Ester Grapes
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Product Description

Product Description

A Sterling silver cased Esther Scroll miniature. This item is shaped like a cylinder with a spreading base on the bottom and itīs capped with a silver crown.On the foot and the crown cap there are lovely scrolling vine-like patterns.The bottom half of the cylindrical body which emerges from the round base is encircled by bricks below four identical arched doors.In the midst of the cylinder the Hebrew words Megilat Esther (Esther Scroll) are inscribed in bold letters below the top half of the body which is decorated with grape vines and clusters.Rolled inside the cylinder is a miniature Esther scroll which in Jewish tradition is read on the Purim Holiday. Height: 4in. / 10.15cm. Base diameter: 1.65in. / 4.19cm. Weight: 60.2gr. / 1.93oz. 925 for sterling silver.

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