Sterling Silver Matzah Tray

Product Title: Sterling Silver Matzah Tray
Product Code: 3000
Regular Price: $225.60

Product Description

Product Description

Matzah Tray An amazing 925 sterling silver (NOT silver plated) Matzo tray, Judaica. The beautiful borders with wonderful sceneries depicting the Holy City - Jerusalem. Tray magnificently inscribed in Hebrew Matzah and LeShana HaBaŽa BeYerushalaim HaBnuya (For the next year in the built Jerusalem). Set on four supports. This truly unique item was made with great attention to details and its unique shape is absolutely captivating. This item was made in the electroforming method. A superb Jewish, Judaica, Hebrew, Israel item. Measurements: Height: 2.5in. / 6.35cm. Width: 7.7in. / 19.55cm. Length: 7.7in. / 19.55cm. Weight: 426gr. / 13.696oz. Marks: 925 for sterling silver.

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