Sterling Silver Jerusalem Torah Pointer / YAD

Product Title: Sterling Silver Jerusalem Torah Pointer / YAD
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Product Description

Product Description

Jerusalem Torah Pointer / YAD A beautiful artisan sterling silver Jerusalem Torah pointer / YAD. This wonderful Torah pointer, consists of three main parts; the YAD (hand) itself, which is in a smooth and have a clean line pattern. The middle section which is made of three bands, the upper band has a consistent rhombus pattern with beads inside, the middle band is sunk in and has a linear diamond pattern on it, and the bottom band has four menorahs encircling it. The bottom part is a large beautiful depiction of the Holy City - Jerusalem, with the Hebrew words Im eskaheh Yerushalim tishakah yemini (If I will forget you Jerusalem, my right hand shall be forgotten as well) inscribed above it. On the bottom of the Torah pointer are scrolling patterns lead to a crown finial and attached to it is a ring, used for hanging this beautiful item. This Torah pointer was made in the electroforming method. Measurements: Length: 11.2in. / 28.44cm. Width: 1.15in. / 2.92cm. Weight: 96gr. / 3.08oz. Marks: 925 for Sterling Silver and maker

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