Sterling Silver Jerusalem In Apple

Product Title: Sterling Silver Jerusalem In Apple
Product Code: 1063
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Product Description

Product Description

Sterling Silver Jerusalem In Apple A unique artistic sterling silver Jerusalem in apple. This exquisite item is shaped like an apple with the small stem on top and a delicate leaf attached to it, only in one side of the apple it seems like a peace of it was bitten off to reveal a magnificent and highly detailed portrayal of the Holy City - Jerusalem. This is a marvelous item that was made with great attention to details and its unique shape is absolutely captivating. This item was made in the electroforming method. Measurements: Diameter: 2.2in. / 5.59cm. Height: 2.4in. / 6.1cm. Weight: 102.25gr. / 3.29oz. Marks: 925 for Sterling Silver and makerīs mark.

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