Sterling Silver Hannuka gelt Dreidel

Product Title: Sterling Silver Hannuka gelt Dreidel
Product Code: 1013
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Product Description

Product Description

Hannuka gelt Dreidel A Sterling Silver blunted square Hanukkah Dreidel. This Dreidel is shaped like a square with blunted corners and has a scrolling pattern on its bottom around its pointed edge. On the square platform are four Dreidels on opposing sides and between every two Dreidels is either a menorah, a Star of David, scrolls or an Oil Jug. Measurements: Height: 1.9in. / 4.8cm. Length: 1.85in. / 4.7cm. Width: 1.85in. / 4.7cm. Weight: 29.45gr. / 0.94oz. Marks: 925 for Sterling Silver and maker

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