Sterling Silver Fancy Honey Dish

Product Title: Sterling Silver Fancy Honey Dish
Product Code: 774
Regular Price: $175.20

Product Description

Product Description

Fancy Honey Dish A beautiful artisan Sterling silver Jerusalem honey dish. This great honey dish is shaped like a bell with a little cylindrical handle on its domed lid. The bottom half of the honey dish is a round ring with a place in the middle of it for the glass container of the honey. The domed lid is wonderfully decorated with the sites of the Holy City - Jerusalem with great details, and right by the small handle there is a small band inscribed with JERUSALEM. This item was made in the electroforming method. Measurements: Diameter: 3.7in. / 9.4cm. Height: 2.8in. / 7.11cm. Cup diameter: 2.3in. / 5.84cm. Cup height: 1.3in. / 3.3cm. Weight: 223.7gr. / 7.19oz Marks: 925 for Sterling Silver and maker

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