Sterling Silver Big Clown Hat+Fish

Product Title: Sterling Silver Big Clown Hat+Fish
Product Code: 2598
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Product Description

Product Description

Beautiful artisan 925 sterling silver Purim miniature This superb miniature is beautifully adorned with two fish, a clown, Hamantashion, and a clown´s hat, inscribed in Hebrew Me´Sh´Nichnas Adar Marbin Be´Simcha (With the beginning of Adar rejoicing are increased - B.T, Ta´an. 29a). This item was made in the electroforming method. Measurements: Height: 1.6in. / 4.064cm. Width: 2.6in. / 6.604cm. Weight: 29gr. / 0.932oz. Marks: 925 for sterling silver.

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