Smooth Silver Penholder & Quill Styale Pen

Product Title: Smooth Silver Penholder & Quill Styale Pen
Product Code: 1624
Regular Price: $225.60

Product Description

Product Description

Smooth Penholder And Quill Style Pen A majestic artisan Sterling Silver Smooth penholder and quill style pen. This truely poetic piece consists of two parts - the quill style pen and the penholder. The quill style pen has one half looking like a feather and the other is a case for the pen holding a regular pen (it is possible to replace the pen when ink runs out with any ordinary pen). The second part is the penholder . This item was made in the electroforming method. Measurements: Pen length: 8.6in. / 21.8cm. Base diameter: 2.8in. / 7.11cm. Base height: 2in. / 5.08cm. Weight: 149.75gr. / 4.81oz. Marks: 925 for sterling silver.

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