Labrador Dog Figurine

Product Title: Labrador Dog Figurine
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Product Description

Product Description

Labrador Dog Figurine A great Sterling silver Labrador dog figurine. Highly sought after by collectors this amazing figurine will make you believe this is a real Labrador with its intelligent expression and its powerful and muscular built, it will seem like its guarding your house. This figurine is so highly detailed, you can see that it is not a fully grown Rottweiler and it is still a puppy. This figurine was made in the electroforming method. Measurements: Length: 3.1in. / 7.8cm. Width: 2.3in. / 5.8cm. Height: 4in. / 10.16cm. Weight: 202.1gr. / 6.5oz. Marks: 925 for sterling silver.

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