Israel In Song CD

Israel In Song CD
Product Title: Israel In Song CD
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Israel In Song CD it's most popular Israeli songs (Shirei Eretz Yisrael Hayafa). Discover the land of the Bible and it's people through the most popular folk songs.
Song Title in Hebrew & English.

Song List:
1.Yerushalaim Shel Zahav - Jerusalem of gold
2.Hava Nagila - Lets celebrate
4.Latet - To give
5.Mashiach - Messiah
6.Kshehalev Boche - When the heart cries
7.Kol Haolam Kulo - All of the world
8.Darkenu - Our way
9.Halev - The heart
10.Hatachana Hayeshana - The old station
11.Jesika  Jesika 12. Nifradnu Kach  Separated
12.Ose Shalom - He who makes peace
13.Tutim  Strawberrys
14.Shir Lashalom - A song for the peace
15.Lekol Ehad - To each and every one
16.Shir La'ahava - Song for the love
17.Tslil Meytar
18.Od Avinu Chai - As long that our father is alive

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