Hebrew Phrase books for Children and adults

Product Title: Hebrew Phrase books for Children and adults
Product Code: Hebrew Phrase books for Children and adults
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If you want a quick, simple and very effective way to build up useful Hebrew vocabulary - we have what you are looking for!

Use it at home or in your car, while you travel

Hebrew Phrase books for adults :

A new and up-to-date phrasebook, together with 3 CDs. The phrasebook contains around 2000 fully transliterated words and expressions relating to areas of everyday life (basic expressions, at the hotel, restaurants and food, shopping, asking for directions, and others as well). So that the learner can use the CDs without the phrasebook (while driving, walking for exercise, etc.), the words and sentences are read aloud together with their English translation.

Hebrew Phrase books for Children:

It's easy! It's fun! Each phrasebook contains 160 words, sentences or expressions suited for children. Each Hebrew sentence or expression has its own colorfully illustrated page, including transliteration (the Hebrew word written in English letters to make it easy to pronounce). All the material in the phrasebook is read aloud slowly on the accompanying CD, to help children learn, repeat, and talk on their own!

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