David Melech Israel CD

David Melech Israel CD
Product Title: David Melech Israel CD
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David Melech Israel Music CD.
Classic Israeli and Chassidic folksongs - a wealth of listening pleasure in this golden compilation. Song Title in Hebrew and English.

Song List:
1.David Melech Israel - David the king of Israel
2.Sisu et Yerushalim - Joy at Jerusalem
3.Od Avinu Chai - As long that our father alive
4.Vetaher Libenu - Purification of our hearts
5.Esa Enai El Heharim - I shell look up to the mountains
6.Bau Haovdim - The workers have came
7.Sisu Vesimchu - Joy and happiness
8.Hine Ma Tov - Here is the goodness
9.Mal'u Asamenu Bar - Our barn is full
10.Kum Vehit'halech Baarrets - Get up and walk the land
11.Erets - Country
12.Kol Haolam Kulo - All of the world
13.Jewish music
14.Shir Lashalom - A song for the peace
15.Hevenu Shalom Alechem - We have brought peace on you
16.Ose Shalom - He who make peace
17.Hava Nagila - Lets celebrate

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