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ACKRE BIRD. Size: height 16 cm - 6.4 inch year: 2006 | edition: Unlimited | series: BIRDS | SERIGRAPH ON STEEL TWO SIDES. | Gerstein, a self-confident painter, gazes with a semi-ironic smile at our fervor-ridden reality. As though everything around him were merely atoms engaged in a mad race, which in itself generates reality, and if not for that race everything would plunge into black holes or madhouses. Reality as a pointless race is the subject of several of his works, such as: "Marathon" and "The Great Marathon". In 1970, after ten years of study in Jerusalem, Paris and New York, Gerstein began exhibiting his literary-figurative paintings, which depicted autobiographical scenes, the Tel Aviv balcony scene, as well as home, mood and atmosphere pictures that were engraved on his mind. The seventies were critical years on the Israeli and international art scene. The art establishment adopted Minimalism and Conceptualism, which were created by artists of Gerstein's generation. But Gerstein resolutely refused to join the hegemonic stream, and against all odds offered literary paintings, replete with expression and bound to the perception of art as object.

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