Kidush Cup and Plate Set CAT# CU- 12

Product Title: Kidush Cup and Plate Set CAT# CU- 12
Product Code: 781698219115
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Product Description

Kidush Cup and Plate Set CAT# CU- 12. Each cup and plate is hand painted with a brush using acrylic colors and then lacquered. The cup can be used for drinking and also be washed by hand in water since it is coated with several layers of lacquer. Size: 5.7 X 4.5 .By extension, the term "kiddush" may also refer to a reception of wine, cake, soft drinks, and buffet items such as herring, kugel, salads and cholent following Shabbat morning services at the synagogue or home. Often a kiddush is hosted by a family celebrating the birth of a daughter, a bar mitzvah, a wedding, an engagement, a birthday, or other happy occasion. Some people also host a kiddush on the yahrtzeit of a parent or other relative. In some synagogues the celebrant is honored with reciting the Shabbat morning kiddush on behalf of all the attendees. In other synagogues the Rabbi or gabbai recites the kiddush.

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