Jerusalem Travel Havdalah Set CAT# HAT - 1

Jerusalem Travel Havdalah Set CAT# HAT - 1
Product Title: Jerusalem Travel Havdalah Set CAT# HAT - 1
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Jerusalem Travel Havdalah Set CAT# HAT - 1. The Havdalah set consist of a base which holds the Havdalah candle. The middle part is teh wine cup and the upper part is teh spice box, which when overturned is candlesticks. .The text of Havdalah contains an introductory paragraph, followed by four blessings; a blessing on the wine, on the spices, on the candle and on the separation between the holy and the mundane. See List of Jewish prayers and blessings: Havdalah. The Ashkenazic version of the text of the introductory paragraph made up of Bible verses (used by both Ashkenazic and Hasidic Jews) which come from Psalms, the Book of Isaiah and the Book of Esther. Most chassidim and those following the Sefard prayer rite recite the Yiddish prayer Gott fun Avrohom. The introduction to the Sefardic version is slightly different. The order of elements when havdala is combined with kiddush (e.g., on a Saturday night that is Yom Tov) is known by the acrostic Yaknhaz. This is the initial letters of Yayin (wine), Kiddush (blessing the day), Ner (candle), Havdala (the havdala blessing) and Zman (time, ie shehechiyanu).

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