Box of Biblical Perfumed Oils

Box of Biblical Perfumed Oils
Product Title: Box of Biblical Perfumed Oils
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Product Description

This is a set of three bottles of biblical perfume, in traditional scents of spikenard, myrrh and frankincense, which allow one to deeply connect with all that is holy in life. Purchase this very special gift as a token of faith and inspiration for someone close. Allow each scent pervade the air with its mystical significance. Become deeply connected, to blend, harmonize and become energized by the all pervasive atmosphere of the holy bible. The original perfume is based on natural essences made of plants characteristic of the Land of the Bible and flowers from the Holy Land. Thanks to modern technology, the world of the spirit also benefits. Thus, this gift becomes available to you here, directly from the holy land, to use in the way best for yourself or your close friends and family, to come closer to God. Make yourself spiritually stronger by purchasing this Christian gift.

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