Modern Hebrew

Modern Hebrew
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Great for Conversational Hebrew! An excellent brand new program! You know how it goes... you've learned Hebrew once, you remember this but forgot that, you know how to read but you don't understand what you read, you recognize the prayers but you feel lost facing spoken Hebrew.

Here is your chance to end this confusion: Modern Hebrew is a program that gives you the whole picture by putting together your Hebrew odds and ends into a comprehensive language that you can understand and use!

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For Windows and Macintosh

You'll follow the linguistic adventures of Daniel, a visiting student, as he tours and studies in modern Israel. Words are translated with a click of a button, and entire on-screen passages are read clearly and distinctly. Modern Hebrew features 21 interactive lessons, complete with Hebrew/English dictionary of all words used in the program, exercises and quizzes. The program also features a memorable journey through Israeli culture, with songs, photos, and more. Modern Hebrew is colorful and attractive, and is a great learning tool. Improve, enhance, and increase your conversational Hebrew skills and overall language comprehension with this exciting new program. Modern Hebrew Features: Conversational Hebrew-Follow the adventures of Daniel, a visiting student, as he studies, and tours the land of Israel. Hebrew Vocabulary-Instant translation of all words that appear in the texts. Learn at your own pace-Text can be read to you in three different ways, including a word at a time, sentence by sentence, or complete passages. Dictionary- Hebrew-English/English-Hebrew dictionary, including all the words used in the program. Basic grammatical principles-Notes on grammar are arranged by lesson and by theme. Israeli Culture and Geography-A memorable cultural journey into Israeli geography, history, and culture, with photos, descriptions, and songs. Modern Hebrew even teaches the basics of Hebrew reading, after which you can quickly immerse yourself in the main program material. System Requirements: Requires Windows 95/98/2000//ME/XP/Vista 64 MB RAM and CD-ROM drive Macintosh Minimum Requirements, Mac OS X , 62 MB RAM

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