Biblical flower's seeds of the Holy Land

Product Title: Biblical flower's seeds of the Holy Land
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Product Description

GROW FLOWERS OF FAITH IN YOUR OWN BIBLICAL GARDEN! Open Your Window onto a Biblical Garden. See and smell the same flowers and grasses of the Bible Land that Jesus did 2,000 years ago. Plant Flowers of the Bible Land and grow your faith in our Lord and in the Bible Prophecies of His Return. Watch the flowers open and open your heart to Israel, the Land of Zion that like you awaits the Coming of the Messiah. Instructions For gardens and window box. Plant during Spring or Summer, half an inch beneath the surface. Cover well against too much sun, and ensure that the soil is moist during the growth cycle. Seeds included in the gift Package: Larkspur, Linum, Hollyhock Single Mix, Ibris, Galberta Lasthenia, Salvia Horminium.

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