Baby Star of David

Baby Star of David
Product Title: Baby Star of David
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Product Description

Star of David Amulet - Made in Jerusalem, Israel. Gold covered Star of David pendant with a wooden turn around blue eye, that represent the Kabbalah Hamsa againts the "Evil Eye". The Star of David or Shield of David is a generally recognized symbol of Jewish identity and Judaism. In Kabbalah, the Star of David symbolizes the six directions of space plus the center, under the influence of the description of space found in the Sefer Yetsira: Up, Down, East, West, South, North, and Center. Congruently, under the influence of the Zohar, it represents the Six Sefirot of the Male (Zeir Anpin) united with the Seventh Sefirot of the Female (Nekuva). This great tiny gift of the baby star of david is great for baby bed and baby cart decoration, an amulet for the car, for the key holder ect. We are proud to have such a meaningful gift in stock.

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