Kabbalah Blessing Ring - Jewish Kabbalistic Protection Ring - MHS SAL ALD

Product Title: Kabbalah Blessing Ring - Jewish Kabbalistic Protection Ring - MHS SAL ALD
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Kabbalah Blessing Ring. Jewish Kabbalistic Protection Ring - MHS SAL ALD. 72 God's Names - Kabbalah teaches that every human being shares the same ultimate purpose in life, which is to receive the complete joy and fulfillment that God desires for us. But while this is easy to say, true spiritual work is needed to remove the negative tendencies that separate us from lifes gifts. And as we undertake this work, our souls need technical support, as would a computer or any other highly sensitive mechanism. One of Kabbalahs most important teachings is that we are not alone in lifes tasks. There are powerful tools to help us, including the Bible itself. Kabbalah teaches that the Bible is neither a topic for academic study nor a book of commandments and prohibitions meant to be taken literally. Rather, the Bible is a coded document in which the true underpinnings of the universe lie hidden including the amazing spiritual technology known as the 72 Names of God. What exactly are the 72 Names? According to Kabbalistic teachings, 72 unique combinations of Hebrew letters from Chapter 14 of the book of Exodus create a spiritual vibration that is a powerful antidote to the negative energy of the human ego. This revelation is a crucial step forward in the work of Kabbalistic masters over thousands of years. Each succeeding generation of sages has advanced the task of decoding the Bible each building on the work of those who came before, each making its own contribution to Kabbalistic wisdom. The purpose and commitment of the Kabbalah Centre is to continue this work. Kabbalistic scholar Yehuda Berg devoted five years to researching and discovering the concealed meanings of the combinations of letters that comprise the 72 Names. Their revelation has been a breakthrough in the centuries-long history of Kabbalah. The key to connecting with the power of the Names is found in the specific biblical passages from which they are derived.

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