2964 - gold - Cronogrf exclusive watch

Product Title: 2964 - gold - Cronogrf exclusive watch
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Product Description

2964 - gold - Cronogrf exclusive watch - a prestigious watch for woman. Mfldt - rustproof. The Strip made of Silkon color match - black / white / blue / with a patented friendly-locked. Diameter 35 mm. water resistant up to 100 mThe factory of Adi watches was established in Yavne in 1984 and they are the only watches factory in Israel. Adi Factory have a rich variety of models, including some 200 watches for men, women, youth and children. Diving Watches, Sports watches, Elegant watches, classical Watches and much more. some of the watches made from Mfldt Titnium rustproof. Each watch is packed in an elegant silver colored gift box.

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