In the Footsteps of the Lost Ten Tribes.

Product Title: In the Footsteps of the Lost Ten Tribes.
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In the Footsteps of the Lost Ten Tribes. By Avigdor Shachan. The most fascinating legend of Jewish heritage, originating in the mists of history and ending with the greatest riddle in Jewish history, is the legend of the "Ten Lost Tribes" - the inhabitants of the Kingdom of Israel who were exiled by the Assyrians in 722 BCE. They were driven eastward, across the fabled Sambatyon River, and beyond the Mountains of Darkness, where they hoped to live in freedom. Their brethren, the tribes of Judah, Benjamin and Levi, did not accept their disappearance from the annals of history. Throughout the generations they sought them ceaselessly, but the many emissaries who were sent to find them vanished in their turn. Dr. Avigdor Shachan spent thirty years studying, investigating and following in their footsteps. He gathered facts and collected documents, testimonies and folk traditions over several continents attesting to localities where the Ten Tribes stayed. They are presented here in a manner that leaves no doubt as to their accuracy, credibility and veracity.

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