Moist Shine Silicone Hair Cream No Rinse

Product Title: Moist Shine Silicone Hair Cream No Rinse
Product Code: 1111111111563
Regular Price: $21.99

Product Description

Moist Shine Silicone Hair Cream No Rinse. Moisturising, nourishing and revitalising cream for hair care. The cream nourishes the hair, from the roots to the ends, and makes it soft, shiny and comfortable. Enriched with aromatic oils, pro-vitamin B5, vitamin E, almond oil, grape seed oil, and Dead Sea minerals for hair rehabilitation and intensive moisturising. The cream helps prevent split ends with silicones that seal the hair ends. This cream is especially suitable for curled, dry or coloured hair, separates curls and gives them a natural, healthy look for perfect curls that are full of life. The cream is used after shampooing on either wet or dry hair or between washings for all hair types. Directions for use: Spread the desired amount on hands and massage into either damp or dry hair in a circular motion, from the scalp until the hair ends. Do not rinse. Avoid contact with the eyes.

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