Deer Oil Lamp wax

Deer Oil Lamp wax
Product Title: Deer Oil Lamp wax
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Oil Lamp 4 Legs. Approx: 12 cm (5"). Deer Oil lamps wax were made from a wide variety of media like gold, bronze, silver, stone and terra-cotta. The most commonly used material was fired clay; many terra-cotta and bronze lamps have been unearthed. In most cases, the production and distribution of lamps was local, but in some instances they were produced by factories and exported to different areas. The usual size of a terra-cotta oil lamp is 7-10 cm in length and 3 cm in depth, with the walls being around 0.5 cm thick. Lamps with more than one nozzle are usually larger in size. In this world of virtual communications and entertainment, children and adults are instantly attracted to ANTIKA, our flagship product. Carried by museums and stocked in hobby shops around the world, one is completely immersed in the world of biblical archaeology. From the time before Herod until the Byzantine Period, Bible Land Shop can supply many styles of oil lamps. Using a simple wick and vegetable oil, the resulting light is romantic and relaxing. * Made and Shipped from the Holy Land * Handmade by a Skilled Potter * High Quality * Best Price Product.

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